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It is important to have your roof inspection performed by professionals about once per year. This allows us to identify any issues before they become major problems. Roof-Masters will conduct a meticulous inspection of your roof to assess its overall condition and identify possible leaks or damage.

Each of our roof inspection services include the following:

Budgeting and planning: The results of our inspection will help you plan out and budget for any repairs that are needed.
Condition evaluation reports: We will create a detailed report about the overall condition of your roof.
Leak detection: We will carefully check for any leaks so the problem can be fixed before they cause serious water damage.
Hail, storm, and snow inspection: We will thoroughly assess your property for any damage to your roof caused by a storm or severe weather.
Roof components: We will check the individual components of the roof for damage including the pitch pans, chimneys and vents, drains, flashing, seams, and mortar.
Free estimate: After all reports have been created, our technicians will present customized recommendations based on their findings. These will include durable roofing products, warranties, and price estimates for installation and replacement.

Drone Roof Inspections: We can also inspect your roof utilizing our drone technology. 

Hiring a professional contractor like Roof-Masters will help you avoid serious and expensive problems with your roof. If your roof is due for an inspection, don’t hesitate to contact Roof-Masters.

For more information about any of the services we provide in Greater Northwest Suburbs of Chicago simply fill out our contact us form or give us a call at 847-925-9400

Roof Inspection with Joe and Adjuster
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