Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Our blown in attic insulation service is one way we markedly enhance the effectiveness of your home’s insulation through convenience and affordability. Providing the home with a better insulating “seal” is the reason “retro-fitting” a home’s existing insulation is growing in popularity.

It has long been known that many otherwise well insulated homes and buildings were
poorly sealed or had become poorly sealed as they were modified and aged. The lack of a proper seal is a leading cause of air leakage in and out of homes and buildings.

Approximately 40% of all air leaks are in your attic. Un-insulated exterior walls can
account for around 15%. This air leakage results in wasted energy and other moisture problems in most building and homes. Only recently has it become possible to address this problem without significant and costly renovations.

Today, Roof-Masters can identify the areas of greatest need and propose a cost-
effective, GREEN-friendly solution that will help improve the air-quality and efficiency of your home. Even small improvements to a building’s insulation can add up to big savings over time.

Contact Roof-Masters today with any questions and “insulate now….save later!”



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