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Gutters Services

Gutters, Soffit and Fascia

Gutters, Soffit and fascia all go hand-in-hand-in-hand. Gutters, Soffit and fascia are three sides to the same coin and typically when new gutters are being installed it is important to have the fascia (which they are attached to) and your homes soffit inspected to ensure the wood is not water damaged and vulnerable.

The fascia on a home is the area of the house that the gutters are connected to. The
soffit is the area running the length of the fascia back to the house itself. To understand, stand under the front of your home with your back against the wall. When you look up you are looking at the soffit. Typically, the soffit is perforated in order to facilitate air circulation.

Roof-Masters will examine the soffit and fascia to make sure they are not rotted. If there is any rot, it is always a good idea to have the wood replaced and then wrapped in either PVC coated vinyl or aluminum in order to protect the wood against water damage. If your fascia needs to be replaced it is always a good idea to also replace the soffit.

Water damage can destroy a home and that is why homeowners understand the
importance of maintaining proper gutters, soffit and fascia for their home. Professional installation coupled with the use of the highest quality materials is what sets Roof-Masters apart from the competition.



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